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  Results Driven Fitness and Nutrition
I am blessed with the knowledge, skills, and passion that awakens and ignites within my clients the ability to exceed their goals and earn their results. My mission is to change as many lives as possible.
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Discuss goals, needs, previous exercise and nutrition habits, wellness history, and resources for success.


Perform assessments to identify potential roadblocks and educate how lifestyle choices impact the body and metabolism.


Create a personalized exercise and nutrition program that provides better overall health, more energy, higher performance, more effective weight loss, and optimal results.

Carolina L.

David has been the reason I've been able to stay motivated and accountable for as long as I have (which is long for me). Normally I would give up after a month or so, but I'm going on 3 months with him now. He's very encouraging, and even after 3 months, he always has new workouts that are challenging. He pushes me in a way I've never been able to do myself alone, and I always feel accomplished after our sessions. He's also a great resource for all health and fitness. He seems to always has the answers to my questions! David's super accommodating when I need to reschedule and fun to work out with. He can be a goofball :) He's the best!!

Sep 8, 2016Verified

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Jeremy D.

David took the time to learn what would work for me! With a full time job and 5 kids, fitting workouts in can be a real challenge. David was always extremely patient with me, never made me feel guilty about missing a session or eating Swedish fish for breakfast, and he always made sure that when I was training, I got a really good session in! I highly recommend him! He's also great with kids - he ended up training our teenagers as well as our son with Autism, which was huge!

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David Hayward

Owner/ CPT


There is no greater feeling than building a partnership with a client and seeing them achieve what friends, family, and they themselves thought was impossible. They say choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. I truly love helping others change their life.

Monisha I.

David is excellent. Great work ethics. Keeps me motivated and helped me lose 7 pounds so far. Started working with him in May. He is extremely professional and a fun trainer. I made the right decision to have him as a trainer. My husband and I both train with him. I always had personal trainers in the past but he is one of the best I have had!

Jun 14, 2017Verified

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